How To Repair Slewing Bearing? [Repair Process And Steps]

How To Repair Slewing Bearing

Slewing bearings, also called turntable bearing, play a crucial role in heavy machinery. Yet, just like any machine part, they can wear out or get damaged, which might cause problems and downtime.

Slewing bearing repair is the way of fixing a damaged or worn-out slewing bearing to make it work like it did before. The repair process depends on how badly it’s damaged and what type of slew bearing it is. Common reasons for slew bearing trouble include wear, overloading, corrosion, and not enough lubrication.

Now, let’s dive into some key aspects of slewing bearing repair.

What Are the Repair Processes for Slewing Bearings?

Repairing slewing bearings involves several processes depending on the extent of damage and the specific type of bearing. The following are common repair techniques:

1. Low temperature iron plating method

Low-temperature iron plating is a commonly used method for repairing shaft parts in the industry, and it has a long history of application in other mechanical maintenance industries. Low-temperature iron plating is an electroplating technology with a fast iron plating speed. The one-time iron plating has a large thickness, a relatively mature process and high production efficiency. It is suitable for repairing the surface of agricultural machinery transmission shafts or parts.

2. Thermal spraying method

Thermal spraying method mainly uses high-speed airflow to spray molten metal material on the surface of partially worn parts, and then the size can be restored after processing. Thermal spraying technology includes many methods such as flame spraying, electric spraying and plasma spraying. The additional materials for spraying are often better than the raw materials, so after the slewing bearing is repaired, the parts in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance have been greatly improved.

3. Surfacing method

The surfacing method is to use the welding process to surfacing a layer of welding material on the worn parts of the part, and then restore the original matching size of the part through mechanical processing. The surfacing process can achieve different material repair effects through the selection of welding rods or wires. The process has the advantages of high material strength after repair and faster repair speed, and is suitable for repairing parts with greater wear.

Repair Process of Slewing Bearing

The repair process of a slewing bearing involves several key steps to restore its functionality. Here’s a breakdown of the typical repair procedure:

1. Assessment:
Begin by thoroughly inspecting the slewing bearing to assess the extent of damage. Identify areas of wear, potential causes of failure, and any components that may need replacement.

2. Disassembly:
Carefully disassemble the slewing bearing, removing all components. Take note of their condition and any signs of wear or damage.

3. Cleaning:
Clean all parts thoroughly to remove contaminants, old lubricants, and debris. A clean surface is essential for effective repair and optimal performance.

4. Component Replacement:
Replace any damaged or worn components, such as raceways, rolling elements, and seals, with high-quality replacement parts.

5. Regrinding and Resurfacing:
Address wear issues by regrinding and resurfacing the raceways. This process restores the proper geometry of the bearing and ensures smooth operation.

6. Lubrication:
Apply fresh lubricant to the bearing components to ensure proper lubrication, minimizing friction and reducing wear. Follow manufacturer specifications for the type and amount of lubricant.

7. Testing:
Conduct thorough testing to evaluate the repaired slewing bearing’s performance. This may include load testing, rotation tests, and checks for abnormal noises or vibrations.

8. Corrosion Protection:
If corrosion contributed to the damage, apply protective coatings or treatments to prevent future corrosion and enhance the bearing’s durability.

9. Assembly:
Reassemble the slewing bearing with precision, ensuring proper alignment and fit. Follow manufacturer guidelines and specifications during the assembly process.

10. Final Inspection:
Conduct a final inspection to verify that all components are correctly assembled, and the bearing meets quality standards. Address any issues identified during this inspection.

11. Documentation:
Maintain detailed records of the repair process, including the initial assessment, replacement parts used, repair procedures applied, and test results. This documentation aids in future maintenance and troubleshooting.

By systematically following these steps, the slewing bearing can be effectively repaired, restoring its functionality and contributing to the extended operational life of heavy machinery and equipment.


In some cases, the slew bearing may be beyond repair and require complete replacement. It is important to replace the slewing bearing when it has suffered severe damage or wear or has exceeded its expected service life. New slew bearings can help restore functionality to your equipment and prevent further damage.

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