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As a long-term practitioner in the slewing bearing market, we are committed to innovation and personalization. As part of this, we develop solutions for the most diverse applications, all of which have something in common: they go beyond ordinary.

As a market leader in slewing bearings, we lead the trend – providing a comprehensive product portfolio for various industries.
With over 20 years of experience, we can specifically meet the different requirements of various industries. We work with customers to develop suitable personalized bearing solutions.

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Building & infrastructure,Mechanical & plant engineering,Renewable energy,Oil & gas,Precision applications,Transport & conveying engineering

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Our Industry Solutions

Precision applications

Certain applications call for roller bearings, which offer a particularly high level of precision under unusual operational conditions. For example, as far as assignments in or observations of space are concerned, or the safety of patients during a medical test.

Machine tools and production technology
Machine tools can be divided into two categories: On the one hand, they comprise work machines and along with tools, devices, measuring and test equipment, they also count as operational materials on the other. Above all, lathes and milling machines need to be mentioned here. LONGWEI slewing bearings are used as bearings for the main processing axis, where the highest demands are placed on the concentricity and axial run-out

Our solutions in the field of machine tools and manufacturing technology

Face plates

Face plates are clamping devices for lathes on which large, heavy, or irregularly shaped work pieces for processing are clamped in a vertical or horizontal position. For the storage of the face plates, slewing bearings with the highest levels of precision are needed. Only in this way can the high precision of the work pieces to be processed be ensured.

Typical products

Tool changer

The tool changer is a mechanical setting at a machining centre. With this, the tools or process-relevant aids are automatically loaded or removed from the machining spindle. The actual changing process is carried out with single or double grippers, or directly from the magazine to the spindle (in the so-called “pick-up changer”).


010.10.127 Small Diameter Cross Roller Slewing Bearing without Gear for KUKA handling Robot
KUKA six axis Robotic arm robot
010.10.127 Small Diameter Cross Roller Slewing Bearing without Gear for KUKA handling Robot

Robots are playing an increasingly important role in industrial and production processes. The intelligent automation technology can be profitably used in almost all industrial processes. Robots combine maximum productivity and optimal manufacturing times. Made-to-order robot technology can give producing companies a decisive competitive advantage. 

Robots have marked their territory across various sectors, out of which its innovations across the manufacturing industry is a worth watch. According to the International Federation of Robotics, with more than 518,000 industrial robots installed globally in 2022, robots are growing in popularity. They have become omnipresent in industrial operations and can be used for different work as well.

LONGWEI been supplying rings and slewing bearings for robot technology for years. Only the highest quality standards are applied to our products so that they meet customers’ demands for productivity and durability.

light type slewing bearing

 Single row ball


Imaging investigation techniques have already been used in medical technology for decades. Development is moving towards techniques which produce increasingly detailed spatial images; in other words, which enable better test results, whilst simultaneously protecting the patients. To do this, the X-ray pipes and the detector rotate at high speed around the patient. 

Our bearings used here are designed so that they work smoothly and precisely, even at high speeds. In this way, LONGWEI makes an contribution to medical progress.

Luggage scanners, which are used for security checks at airports, among other uses, constitute a further application with similar requirements.

Medical scanner

Different types of scanners are used in medical technology. The most well-known methods are the computer tomograph (CT) and the magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT). With these devices, the pipes and detector rotate around the patients. This allows sectional images to be produced from which the doctor can obtain valuable physiological information for his diagnosis.

So that patients who are exposed to the equipment during the test feel relaxed, a quiet operation and high running precision are particularly important. The same applies to ensuring the frictional torque processes are uniform, even at high speeds.

Typical products

Luggage scanners

Single row cross roller,single row ball slewing bearing for china Airport Security X-ray Baggage/Luggage Scanner

Checking luggage plays an important role in flight security and in the security of public spaces. A large proportion of rucksacks, suitcases and bags have to be checked for unsafe objects within a short period of time. All this must be achieved without downtime and with a one hundred percent hit rate. For this, scanners which rotate at a high speed are used. In addition, the machines have to be very quiet wherever there are people in the immediate vicinity, for example at the security gate in the airport. This means bearings made by are an important component in the construction of high-quality luggage scanners.

Typical products

Antennae and telescopes

Telescopes are used to explore space and to observe distant objects. Among others, they serve to monitor satellites and space debris, and also to measure the earth, for example, when earth plate shifts have to be determined. In this, a distinction is made between optical telescopes and radio telescopes.

Telescopes carry out their task in all climate zones. From the rainforest to the South Pole, from the hot plains to the dry, hot mountains. So that telescopes remain operational over the long term, the bearings used in them must be perfectly precise, highly rigid, and dispose of low and even rotational resistances.

An antenna is used for the recording, identification and tracking of objects which are up to 1,000 kilometres away. This task must be reliable under all weather conditions and be carried out with high precision, whether stationary or mobile, permanently rotating or pivoting. Radio antennae serve to monitor ship and air traffic. The weather radar supplies us with daily weather forecasts by exploring bad weather fronts and measuring wind speeds.

Our solutions in the field of antennae and telescopes

Single row cross roller slewing bearing for World’s largest optical telescope  optical telescopes

Single row crosss roller, Doubel row roller ,three row roller slewing bearing for ASKAP CSIRO RADIO TELESCOPE WA

Telescopes are placed on a stable foundation. Their bases have a diameter which can be larger than 15 metres. A telescope must move with the speed at which the earth turns in order to be able to precisely follow the observed object. This is achieved by a yaw bearing. So that this movement can be regulated, the bearing’s frictional torque behaviour must be controlled, for example, by reducing the frictional vibration, also called the “stick-slip effect”.

Typical products

Elevation axis

Singles Row Cross roller slewing bearing for  Elevation axis  for radio telescopes

Singles Row Cross roller slewing bearing for HartRAO 15m Radio Telescope

Elevation bearings are needed to align the telescope in the sky. To achieve the necessary rigidity, i.e. the resistance to elastic deformation, two bearings are generally used, which can be designed in a fixed/fixed or fixed/loose structure. The fixed/loose structure has the advantage of being able to compensate for the length extensions of the telescope resulting from differences in temperature.

Typical products

Instrument bearings

For instruments, e.g. a camera or a cable winder to be able to rotate, the bearing on the device and the application situation must be adapted.

Mirror bearings

Mirrorbearings of telescope’s mirror          Single Row cross roller for Tertiary Mirror of TMT Optics ( Mirror bearings   FOR  telescope’s mirror)

In order to be able to accurately track and adjust the telescope’s mirror, bearings are needed which are both highly precise and rigid, and which have a low and even frictional torque curve. 

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