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As a long-term practitioner in the slewing bearing market, we are committed to innovation and personalization. As part of this, we develop solutions for the most diverse applications, all of which have something in common: they go beyond ordinary.

As a market leader in slewing bearings, we lead the trend – providing a comprehensive product portfolio for various industries.
With over 20 years of experience, we can specifically meet the different requirements of various industries. We work with customers to develop suitable personalized bearing solutions.

Identify which solutions exist in each industry:
We are involved in the following industries-

Building & infrastructure,Mechanical & plant engineering,Renewable energy,Oil & gas,Precision applications,Transport & conveying engineering

Industry solutions suitable for your application
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Our Industry Solutions

Military engineering

Military engineering ensures the security of our country .Military devices are used on land, water and in the air. That means, they must work reliably under extreme conditions and in all of the world’s climate zones. Our bearings are used both in heavy devices, such as armoured vehicles, and in sensitive optical devices. They are marked by their robustness, precision and reliability. Our bearing concepts are based not only on military norms and quality standards, but also on our decades-long experience and consequent research and development. Upon request, we are happy to carry out special measurements and tests in our R&D centre.

Our solutions in the military technology sector:


single row cross roller slewing bearing for  Containers with missiles and radar antenna of the air defense system

single row cross roller slewing bearing for  Weapons of anti-aircraft defense Pantsir-S1

single row cross roller slewing bearing for Tower for howitzers for India Artillery Gun System

single row cross roller slewing bearing for  Weapons of anti-aircraft defense Pantsir-S1

We design side swivel bearings for modern, stabilised towers – manned or unmanned – for battle and protection tankers, howitzers and air defence systems used on land and in water. Our bearings meet the requirements for lightweight construction and precision, and dispose of low and even rotational resistances. This remains true whether the journey be on terrain or at high sea. Moreover, part of our standard is for the bearings to be resistant to corrosion and to require minimal maintenance. Our height swivel bearings can be designed as fixed/fixed or fixed/loose bearings and have the same advantages as side swivel bearings.

Machine gun mountings

Machine guns are used both in mountings (racks of weapons) and in remotely-controlled weapon stations. Since demands on the bearings vary greatly, a variety of models are used here. From simple turntables through to solutions which correspond to a stabilised weapon tower in their design. To reduce the number of interfaces and the installation cost, further attachments, for example, drive designs can be partially integrated.


Single row cross roller ,double row ball ,  three row cylindrical roller ,slewing bearing for Radar System

Radars are used in air surveillance and in air defence, to be able to detect and track targets up to 2,000 kilometres away. Our bearings are built to meet the precision, rigidity and low and even turning resistance requirements, while also performing at high speeds.

Typical products

Double-row wire tilted roller bearing

single row cross roller slewing bearing

Three row roller bearing

Optical devices

Double-row wire tilted roller bearing  single row cross roller slewing bearing Three row roller bearing

Although there is a large variety of optical devices, they all have one thing in common: Shocks and vibrations must not be transmitted to the optics, or only to a very limited extent. Thus, the bearings used here must be highly precise, rigid and dispose of even turning resistance. All this, in a strictly defined scope.

Typical products

Recovery and engineer devices

Single row cross roller slewing bearing  for  Manitowoc Delivers Grove GMK4060HC Cranes to U.S. Army

Three row ball slewing bearing for JCB HIGH MOBILITY ENGINEER EXCAVATOR

Three row ball slewing bearing for Caterpillar M315   Military Wheeled Excavator

Recovery and engineer devices have cranes and excavators. The surfaces of the bearings used are generally hardened, which makes them suited to the special, military requirements. Particularly robust designs are used for particularly harsh assignments. 

Typical products

Ammunition feeding

Single row cross roller slewing bearing  for  loading machines OF Naval artillery and armoured vehicles

Naval artillery and armoured vehicles have loading machines. The ammunition can be found here in rotationally-symmetric magazines. The mobile handling machines require bearings without backlash with low and even turning resistances. 

Typical products

Steel rollers

In a track-driven vehicle, for example, a tank, the roller is part of the track drive on which the vehicle is placed. Without rollers, it would not be possible to have a vehicle with a track drive. The intelligent use of steel allows for a better running performance in comparison to when rollers made of aluminium are used. Steel rollers are barely heavier, but a lot more robust, which reduces maintenance costs later down the line.


Turntables are used in both machining in machine tools and in automation. Depending on their design, turntables can also be referred to as rotary tables, rotary indexing tables or dividing attachments. Depending on their use, they can also differ in terms of their shape or their precision and rigidity. In machining, the precision and rigidity demands placed on cutting processing are higher than in the non-cutting area. In contrast, in automation, the shortest switching times are required.

Typical products

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