Selection of Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearing Selection

How to Purchase Slewing Support, many new contacts do not know how to choose, want to buy or customize the slewing bearing but do not know which model to use, do not know how to do the initial selection.

Method 1: BY slewing ring bearing selector allows engineers and designers to easily search ‘s slewing bearings catalog by bearing type, gear type, external and internal dimensions, static loads, and other parameters. Results include the option to download PDF drawings.

Search by Requirements

Choose inch or metric, select an application from the drop-down menu, and specify one or all of the factors below. Required fields are indicated.

Slewing Bearing Selection Table

If needed ,you can also download our slewing ring design guide.

Calculate by Formula

Method 2: According to the catalog of slewing bearing products provided by our company and relevant calculation formulas, calculate on your own,Then discuss and confirm with our engineers。

1. Determine the large load (axial load, radial load, overturning moment) that the slewing bearing is subjected to when it is in a static state according to the use environment. Use this large load as a static rating.

2.Determine the static safety factor based on the type of machine installed.

3. Refer to the slewing bearing catalogue of the extension slewing bearing to initially select the slewing bearing model and determine which formula is used to calculate the static reference loads Fa’ and M’.

4. Calculate the static reference loads Fa’ and M’.

5. Find the static load-bearing curve corresponding to the slewing bearing of the selected model in the Slewing Bearing Product Catalogue, marked in the graph (Fa’, M’)

6. Check if the coordinate point is within the static bearer authority.

7.  Check the bolt bearing capacity.

8. Complete preliminary selection.

Calculated According to Drawings

Method 3: By the buyer’s drawing:

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