Applications in Other Fields

In addition to various construction machinery, the scope of application of slewing bearings has gradually expanded. At present, equipment platforms such as port equipment, metallurgical equipment, Artificial intelligence , Military industry, Food industry , and drilling platforms have began to use slewing bearings to replace original bearings on a large scale.
A. The use of slewing ring bearings in wind power, wind turbine bearings generally include: yaw, pitch, drive train and other bearings.

B. The use of slewing ring bearings in the field of solar energy. Tracking solar panels are a very good solution to increase energy, and the slewing ring has a compact design layout, which is the best choice for solar power generation equipment. The use Of slewing ring bearings can be seen in solar farms in various regions of the world exist.

C. Slewing ring bearings are used in medical equipment to develop a series of high-precision, low-noise, and long-life medical equipment using slewing bearings, and slewing bearings have been widely used in the production of large-scale medical equipment such as gamma knife and CT machines, NMR machines etc.

D. Metallurgical equipment: metallurgical crane, ladle turret, steel grabbing machine, mud cannon, oxygen blowing device

E. Amusement equipment: merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, big pendulum, etc.

F. Snowmaking Machine, Snow Plow Machine, Airport security equipment, airport refueling machine, luggage cart etc.

G. Military equipment: Slewing bearings are also widely used in the military field, and are often used in various military equipment, such as tanks, rocket launchers and missile launchers ,Radar ,Cannon ,Armored vehicle,Shipborne rocket ,Aiming target and device etc . Slewing bearings can keep these devices steady while turning, thus improving their precision and stability.

LONGWEI slewing bearing is committed to the construction of the military industry and is suitable for a variety of complex geographic and working environments. The products have passed tensile strength, yield strength testing, anti-oxidation testing, etc. to ensure safety and smoothly operating.

LONGWEI slewing bearing offers a variety of customized slewing bearings and relative precision gear assemblies to meet specific demands. LONGWEI slewing bearing provides customers with tailored designing and professional technical support.

With unique coating treatment technology, LONGWEI brand is aim to apply for areas which requiring excellent corrosion fields. Our technology has been proven in main military applications. ITP and QC procedures are in line with the relevant technical requirements of government procurement . The complete QMS&Auditing by TPI enables LONGWEI slewing bearings to be prestigious in the military industry.

a. For military vehicles, slewing bearings are also widely used in various military vehicles, such as armored vehicles and armed helicopters, etc. The slewing bearings can keep the fog system and sensor system on the vehicle stable, thereby improving it s accuracy and efficiency.

b. Warships: Slewing bearings are also widely used in various military warships, such as aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers, etc. The slewing bearings can keep the shipboard fog system and sensor system stable, thereby improving its accuracy and performance and

c. Aircraft: Slewing bearings are also used in various military aircraft, such as fighter jets and early warning aircraft. slewing rings stabilize airborne radar and missile systems, increasing their accuracy and effectiveness

H. Artificial intelligence ( Robots): With the development of society, various numbers of robot industries have increased rapidly, and they are inclined to use Longwei slewing bearings.

LONGWEI light slewing bearings can meet the heavy loading moment and meet the strict space requirements. Longwei precision slewing bearings have two advantages: much more lighter and save space.

Longwei slewing bearings rotating more precise, heavy load capacity and long service life, while meeting fast installation and convenient operations.

As a leading manufacturer of slewing bearings in China, Longwei also provides comprehensive engineering and technical support.

Welding robot, Laser processing robot, Vacuum robot ,Cleaning robot ,Painting robot, palletizing robots, industrial robots, etc.

I. Parking equipment: tower garage, electric vehicle charging station, Stereoscopic Garage etc.

J. Food industry
Longwei is a leading slewing bearing supplier in the food processing equipment market. Customized thin series four-point contact ball slewing bearings meets the different needs of customers. We emphasize the precise of operation and the long life.

Longwei backed best engineers in the R&D, design, and manufacture the precise slewing bearings to continuously reach the customers’ demand. In order to minimize the risk of food contamination, designing a slewing ring that meets hygienic design principles is vital.

Longwei slewing bearing regards hygienic design as the most important principle. It can extend the life span while operation and cleaning schemes are very hard.
Application : Beverage machinery, blow-molding machine ,Filling machine ,Rotary bottle filler

K. Light industry machinery: packaging machinery, Rotary conveyor, injection molding machine, kitchen equipment, numerical control equipment (NC vertical car turntable, quenching machine turntable, brick machine etc.

L. Agriculture and forestry: timber grab, lumber machine, log loaders / feller heads, baler machine, Silage machine, cropper machine, SGrain Elevator etc.

M. Environmental protection equipment: Sewage treatment equipment, waste water treatment, Mist cannon truck etc

Slewing bearings are widely used not only in the industrial field, but also in our daily life. It can be said that they are closely related to our lives. If you need model selection or application calculations, please contact us. The longwei transmission engineer w ill give you a professional Detailed answer.

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