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As a long-term practitioner in the slewing bearing market, we are committed to innovation and personalization. As part of this, we develop solutions for the most diverse applications, all of which have something in common: they go beyond ordinary.

As a market leader in slewing bearings, we lead the trend – providing a comprehensive product portfolio for various industries.
With over 20 years of experience, we can specifically meet the different requirements of various industries. We work with customers to develop suitable personalized bearing solutions.

Identify which solutions exist in each industry:
We are involved in the following industries-

Building & infrastructure,Mechanical & plant engineering,Renewable energy,Oil & gas,Precision applications,Transport & conveying engineering

Industry solutions suitable for your application
Is your industry or application not represented? Please feel free to contact us. We will find a suitable solution together.

Our Industry Solutions

Nuclear engineering

Nuclear energy is used in many countries to guarantee energy supply. When using this type of energy, safety and reliability are paramount. This is already evident in the selection of materials, as well as in the quality certificates of components used.

Our applications

Reactor cover

Reactor covers are used to seal the reactor tank. Here, the use of radiation-resistant fats and stainless materials is indispensable. Depending on the assembly situation, bearings can also be manufactured in segmented components

Typical products

Fuel handling systems

westinghouse Fuel Handling Equipment

Special handling systems are used for nuclear fuel. Here too, radiation-resistant fats and stainless materials are used.

Dismantling techniques

Bearings are essential for the dismantling of (sub)systems. Which material is selected for the components depends, however, on the individual case and the deployment scenario.

Typical products

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