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As a long-term practitioner in the slewing bearing market, we are committed to innovation and personalization. As part of this, we develop solutions for the most diverse applications, all of which have something in common: they go beyond ordinary.

As a market leader in slewing bearings, we lead the trend – providing a comprehensive product portfolio for various industries.
With over 20 years of experience, we can specifically meet the different requirements of various industries. We work with customers to develop suitable personalized bearing solutions.

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We are involved in the following industries-

Building & infrastructure,Mechanical & plant engineering,Renewable energy,Oil & gas,Precision applications,Transport & conveying engineering

Industry solutions suitable for your application
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Our Industry Solutions

Transport and conveying technology

Even under the hardest conditions, our products ensure smooth operation. This can be witnessed both in the world’s mines, where excavators, stackers and reclaimers deliver their service, and in rough seas, where robust offshore cranes supply the oil extraction platforms.

LONGWEI  offers special solutions for countless areas of transport and conveying technology.

Industries in the field of transport and conveying technology

Maritime applications

The romantic idea of working on the high seas is deceptive. Stormy weather, burning heat and icy cold weather represent significant challenges both for people and materials. Under these conditions, offshore systems and their components must always work reliably.

The slewing bearings made by LONGWEI  boast the best of reputations in the offshore industry. They have been used in cranes, rudder post bearings, propeller shafts, and other maritime applications for decades already.

Rudder propellers

 Hydraulic well mounted rudder propellers

SEWART Rudder propellers

Rudder propellers are ship propulsions in which the propeller can be pivoted horizontally in any direction. The advantage of this over conventional motors with fixed propellers and rudders lies in its much improved manoeuvrability. Rudder propellers are typically used in cruise ships, ferries, icebreakers or dynamically-positioned drill ships. Slewing bearings with particularly precise gearing and long durability are used to make the swivelling of rudder propellers possible. Depending on the requirement, they are also equipped with multi-row sealing systems to prevent the entering of sea water. 

Offshore gangways

Onshore & Offshore Gangways and Bridges Tyne Gangway                 Three row roller slewing bearing for  DNV GL offshore gangways

Offshore gangways are used in both oil and gas extraction and in the offshore wind energy industry. They serve to transport goods and people between ships and offshore facilities. The extreme conditions on the high seas place the highest of demands on the design and quality of our slewing bearings.

Typical products


Single row ball slewing bearing for  IHC Robust winches

Anchor handling tug supply vessels are assistance vessels for oil rigs, pipelayers and for any other offshore structure without an engine. The pulling and moving of the anchor places high demands on the winches. For this, LONGWEI  offers annular rings or slewing bearings with horizontal rotational axes, which can be adjusted to fit with the relevant customer design.

Typical products

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