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As a long-term practitioner in the slewing bearing market, we are committed to innovation and personalization. As part of this, we develop solutions for the most diverse applications, all of which have something in common: they go beyond ordinary.

As a market leader in slewing bearings, we lead the trend – providing a comprehensive product portfolio for various industries.
With over 20 years of experience, we can specifically meet the different requirements of various industries. We work with customers to develop suitable personalized bearing solutions.

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Building & infrastructure,Mechanical & plant engineering,Renewable energy,Oil & gas,Precision applications,Transport & conveying engineering

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Our Industry Solutions

Mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering as a classical engineering science is a highly innovative industry nowadays.

Alongside our customers, we face the many challenges of the future. Together, we design and build bearing solutions which support in developing and operating complex machinery and equipment.

The constant further development of the most modern processing technologies and the use of efficient materials ensure we are always able to supply our customers with the optimal type of bearing. This is what makes slewing bearings made by LONGWEI the perfect component for bearings in mechanical and plant engineering.

Packaging and filling machines

To securely transport products of all kinds, modern packaging machines are indispensable. They are used to pack the most varied of goods and liquids in many different variations and as special solutions, for example, as bottle and can fillers, sealing machines or film winders. Packaging machines must meet two main requirements: Both high throughput and low waste. Continuously rotating slewing bearings help with this: They minimise wear caused by the packaging process and ensure the machines attain a long service life.

Our solutions in the field of packaging and filling

Bottle and can fillers

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Bottle & Can Fillers | Newmapak Bottling Solutions


Liquids can be automatically inserted into cans or bottles using filling machines. Compared to linear variants, the carousel-based set up has established itself as an undeniably faster and more efficient filling solution. Slewing bearings made by LONGWEI , among other elements, make this type of filling machine possible by guaranteeing the continuous concentricity of the system. 

Typical products

Sealing machine

Automatic Forming Filling Sealing Machines (FFS)

Automatic Sealing Machine for Food Packaging

Using sealing machines, containers of all sorts can be sealed in a fully automated, efficient and secure manner. Generally, the machines are integral parts of modern filling machines. Containers are moved to the individual stations on large rotating carousels and conveyor belts. Our slewing bearings ensure this operation runs smoothly.

Film winder

In packaging technology, products are protected for further processing or transportation using paper, film or fleece. Film winders, also called unwinders, are used here. With these, products of all shapes and sizes can be packed. Our slewing bearings ensure the safe and reliable turning of the rotation axis in these machines. Moreover, their low friction levels mean wear and tear is minimised. This ensures the film winder’s faultless and, thus, long-lasting operation.

Typical products

General engineering

The development of new markets is a challenge for machine and plant engineering since framework conditions are constantly changing. With our efficient plants and procedures, we offer the solution to ever stricter energy and environmental requirements.

Individually developed, produced and delivered, our LONGWEI slewing bearings are used as a central part in all fields of general machine engineering. We supply our slewing bearings to the leading manufacturers in, for example, the fields of robotics, water treatment, machine tools, waste disposal, and many more. 

We accompany our customers right from the first idea, through construction and production, to after-sales services and joint research & development

Our solutions in the general machine engineering sector


Robots are playing an increasingly important role in industrial manufacturing and production processes, since they combine maximum productivity with optimised manufacturing times. Intelligent automation technology can therefore be profitably used in almost all industrial processes. Using this can secure producing companies a decisive competitive advantage.LONGWEI has been supplying the field of robotics with several rings and slewing bearings for many years.

Typical products

Water treatment

It is becoming increasingly important to develop environmentally-friendly solutions for the production and treatment of fresh water, in order to preserve our natural resources. Slewing bearings by LONGWEI used in modern water treatment systems have already been supporting the cleaning process pertaining to our most important resources for a long time.

Typical products

Single row cross roller slewing bearing

Swing bridge

Newcastle Swing Bridge | Co-Curate

Nowadays, swing bridges are an important part of the infrastructure which coordinates the interplay between waterways and roads. Slewing bearings made by LONGWEI make it possible to open roads for ships in a targeted fashion and then close again, allowing road traffic to drive over them once more.

Single row cross roller slewing bearing


Carousel Merry-go-round in amusement park at night city

Royal Caribbean CruisesFerris Wheels Around the World

Having fun is paramount for lots of people and families. Ever faster and more unusual rides in amusement parks offer entertainment for grown-ups and kids alike. However, to make sure visitors have a fun and relaxing time, safety is the top priority behind the scenes. Slewing bearings made by LONGWEI ensure that all of the rides’ rotational movements function reliably and smoothly.

Typical products

Single row cross roller slewing bearing

Pelletising plate

Three row roller slewing bearing for Pelleting Machine

Three row roller slewing bearing for GEMCO ENERGY Structure of electric pellet machine 150-300B

Pelletising machines help to give coarser structures to fine or powder-based products. This makes movements during transportation and handling easier and more secure. Pelletising machines are used in all kinds of industrial areas and in private too. For these, LONGWEI supplies slewing bearings which make the machines’ rotations stable and precise. 

Typical products

Waste compactors

Mobile waste compactors – Rikobaler

The need for space is increasingly in line with the increasing volumes of rubbish everywhere. Optimised disposal processes compact the volumes of rubbish, shred bulky parts, and tear large cardboard boxes. The compacters which are used here are powered by slewing bearings made by LONGWEI . They ensure disposal solutions are able to carry out their work reliably, and for the benefit of the environment.

Raw material extraction and processing

There are a number of steps and processes in both the extraction and processing of industrial raw materials. Specialist machines are used for this. They manage the extraction of minerals and raw materials, their handling, transportation, storage, and eventually their treatment, for example, the breaking, sifting or grinding.

Bearings made by LONGWEI  contribute to the technical advancement of raw materials treatment. The hard operational and environmental conditions require extremely robust bearings to ensure their further processing remains efficient.

Crushing plants

Three row roller slewing bearing for Portable Crushing Plants by Screen Machine Industries

Three row roller slewing bearing for NextGen Modular Crushing Plant – Mineral Resources

Crushing plants are used in the production of broken minerals. When crushing the lumpy feed material, high demands are placed upon the machines. For this reason, heavy load bearings are used for crushing plants.

LONGWEI  uses slewing bearings with the most diverse crushing capabilities in the crushing plant sector. Our bearings not only withstand the harshest demands worldwide, but also the heaviest loads. This is a guarantee for success for the industrial treatment of mineral raw materials and secondary materials, as well as for various recycling procedures.

Typical products

Vertical mills

Cement vertical mil

Vertical mill | vertical coal mill | slag vertical roller mill | coal powder preparation process for vertical mill

Vertical mills are mainly used for grinding brittle materials. They are suitable for the crushing of various construction materials and also of coal as part of coal treatment. The crushing of mineral materials is very energy intensive and is influenced by the size and dynamics of the acting load. 

Our roller bearings are manufactured in such a way so as to absorb this dynamic load. For this reason, they have already been successfully used in vertical mills around the world for many years.

Typical products

Smelting works engineering

A smelting or steelworks plant serves to produce unrefined iron and steel out of iron ore. The term, smelting technology, describes the process of producing steel, as well as the applications and machines used in doing so. These machines are equipped with both ball bearing and roller bearing slewing rings.

Our solutions in the smelting technology sector

Ladle turret/swifter

Three row cylinders roller slewing bearing for Ladle turret

Three row cylinders  slewing bearing for  ABAX STEEL Ladle Turret in Steel Plant

The ladle turret and swifter are in permanent use and set in their loading position. Roller bearing slewing rings made by LONGWEI  are used here: They guarantee the continuous operation of the continuous casting line and can withstand the high loads. This means that they can be used for several decades.

Typical products

Electric furnace cover

Three row cylinders  slewing bearing for Electric furnace cover

Three row cylinders  slewing bearing for medium frequency  melting furnace

To use old scrap steel for new products, it is first melted down in an electric arc furnace. The swivelling cover of this oven is an elementary part of this process. In order to avoid negatively impacting the process, it must be usable over the long term. and under extreme environmental conditions. This is why we develop bearings here at LONGWEI , which are specifically made to meet the needs of the smelting technology sector in terms of heat resistance and durability.

Typical products

Needle hole plug drilling machine

To allow molten unrefined iron to run from the furnace, tapping is carried out at regular intervals. For this, the lower lock, the so-called needle hole of the furnace, is opened. The needle hole drilling and plug machines must be able to guarantee both the precise drilling of the needle canal and its subsequent plugging.

Our slewing bearings, which have been especially designed to meet these requirements.

Typical products

Spoil pile and conveying equipment

Spoil pile and conveying engineering revolves around creating solutions for the conveying of bulk goods, such as coal, sand, ore or grains. Reliable and powerful bearings are an essential component here, since the conveying tends to take place under difficult weather conditions, and often in remote locations. Environmental influences, such as storms, earthquakes or extreme temperatures place high demands on bearings. This applies to the sealing system too. This must be considered during the design phase.

Our solutions in the field of spoil pile and conveying devices

Ship loaders/unloaders

Single row ball, double row ball  for ISKAR BULK MATERIAL SHIPLOADER

Single row ball, or three row roller slewing bearing for RUD Flexible  ship loader

Single row ball SB for Floating Dock Cranes - ISKAR Muhendislik Ltd.

Ship loaders and ship unloaders are important in ensuring the effective, material-saving and dust-free transportation of bulk goods on the shipping route. Coal, ores, phosphate, sulphur and fertilisers, but also food, such as grains, are fed onto continuously operational conveyor belts, and transported on a cantilever by means of the ship’s open loading hatch. From there, the goods get to the ship’s cargo space either in free fall, via a downpipe, or a slide.

For the ship to be optimally filled, it has to be moved under the cantilever. Elaborate manoeuvring can, however, be avoided if the cantilever’s unloading system is movable. This is where slewing bearings made by LONGWEI  come into play.

Typical products


Continuous ship unloaders

Continuous unloading systems are increasingly entering into the medium-to-large capacity range for the effective, dust-free and almost silent unloading of coal, ores, phosphates, sulphur, fertilizers and other bulk material.


Silos are used for the storing and mixing of bulk goods. This includes cement, powdered limestone, plastic granulates and also animal feed. Generally, a silo is filled from above and emptied from below. When material is removed, the uniform flow and optimal distribution of the different filling layers is, therefore, important. This is achieved by screw conveyors and other mechanical equipment. They blend goods which are to be filled at different times. Slewing bearings made by LONGWEI  are used to achieve the continuous rotations necessary. Since they are durable and resistant to bulk goods, they are perfectly suited to be used in this way.

Material discharge rotary plate

Typical products

Material discharge rotary plate

Typical products

Lifting machine

Three row roller slewing ring bearing for Stacker Reclaimer Port Crane 3000t/h Bw Coal Reclaimer

The reclaimer is a lifting device for heaped material, which needs to be transported from a stockpile for further processing. The diverse selection of models ensures all kinds of storage locations are catered to. These can visually resemble bucket excavators. Since swivel movements have to be carried out to remove a stockpile, our slewing bearings of varied dimensions are also put to use here.

Typical products


Single row ball slewing bearing for Konecranes Hybrid Reach stacker

The stacker mines bulk material stored at the end of the conveyor line in a targeted and continuous manner. The stacker consists of a chassis, a feeder of the materials to be stacked, and a rotatable upper structure with the ejection trailer. Spoil piles coming from the conveyor belt can be filled again at another location with a spreader. Slewing bearings made by  LONGWEI ensure the chassis and the upper structure are reliably connected.

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