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Forest cranes are used in all fields of forestry, whether as mobile machines in the forest or as stationary units in sawmills. Working in the forest presents a special set of challenges. These include uneven ground, working on steep slopes and in the smallest of spaces. Thus, high-quality flexible units with mobile pivot arms designed for heavy loads are in demand. Our products fulfill these demands reliably and with high economic efficiency as construction and connection components.

About  Tree Mover In recent years, with the acceleration of agricultural mechanization, all kinds of agricultural machinery have entered into production practice. At present, in addition to field crop production and part of cash crop production and processing have adopted operation machinery, most of the forestry nursery operation site is more in need of light and efficient tree digging machinery, in order to replace the increasingly scarce rural labor resources, and improve the quality and efficiency of operation. At present, the research and development of mechanical products for tree digging, especially the research and development of mechanical tools for digging earth balls, is one of the key technologies to develop tree digging machinery. Tree digging machine has become the main mechanical equipment in the transplantation of living trees in garden engineering, and the rotary bearing of tree digging machine is one of the main components of tree digging machine.

Selection of slewing bearings

The slewing bearing used by the tree digger is a single-row ball slewing bearing, and the teeth are quenched.

The motor or reducer drives the pinion to rotate, and the pinion drives the slewing bearing to rotate, so that the upper mechanism connected to it rotates accordingly.

The slewing bearing used by the tree digger is required to carry a large axial force, overturning moment and gear circumferential force, and has higher requirements on the clearance, installation size and material of the slewing bearing. Selecting a suitable slewing bearing can effectively improve the safety and stability of the equipment, and tooth quenching can improve the wear resistance of the teeth, thereby increasing the service life of the slewing bearing.






Make sure that the model is correct and slewing bearing isn’t damaged during transportation.
2.  Check the appearance and rotational state of the bearing, such as rotational precision clearance, rotating flexibility, seals position, lubrication grease etc.
3.  The installation datum plane and bracket installing plane should be clean, grease, burr, paint and other foreign body should be wiped off.


1. The screws in the installing plane should be fit with the mounting holes in the slewing bearing
2.  The slewing bearing has a soft zone marked with an “s” on the upper surface, when installing the bearing, it is important to ensure that this area is placed in a non-load or infrequent load zone.
3.  When the bearing is placed on the supporting frame work it is important to check the interface between these two surfaces. This check should be carried out with the insertion of feel gauges between the two surfaces. If a gap should exist then it is recommended to plane/resurface the effective area so as to remove the gap.
4.  Install slewing bearing with high strength screws, and choose appropriate strength bolts. All bolts are required to be tightened evenly. The sequence of this tightening process is shown in Pic. Welding of bearing is not allowed, in the event of welding any adjacent parts, heat transfer shall be avoided so as to cause the bearing to become deformed or change the hardness.
5.  After installation, the bearing should be rotated to check for smooth operation and any emission of unusual noise. If either of the aforementioned are noted, then the bearing should be adjusted to eliminate them. The teeth of the largest run-out are coated with green paint.

Q: Are  longwei  BEARINGS trading company or manufacturer?
A: longwei BEARINGS is a professional manufacturer for slewing bearings, thin section bearings, ball bearings and rolling bearings

Q: How do longwei  bearing  control quality of their bearing?
A:  Longwei bearing  has established strict quality control systems, all the products and services has passed ISO9001-2008 Quality Certificate and third party such as CCS, LR,ABS,BV
Q: What is the MOQ?
A: MOQ is 1pc, pls message us for detailed information.
Q: How about the package for Longwei bearing?
A: Standard Industrial packing in general condition (Plastic tube+ professional plastic belts+ plywood case). Accept design package when OEM.
Q: How long is the production time?
A: It takes about 7-40 days, depends on the model and quantity.
Q: How about the shipping?
A: We can arrange the shipment or you may have your own forwarder.
Q: Is sample available?
A: Yes, sample order is acceptable.
Q: Can we use our own LOGO or design on bearings?
A: Yes. OEM is acceptable for Longwei Transmission  Slewing Bearing. We can design as per your requirements and use your own LOGO and package design.



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