single row ball slewing bearing external gear 011.45.1400 for Continuous Ship Unloaders for coal

Ship loaders and ship unloaders are important in ensuring the effective, material-saving and dust-free transportation of bulk goods on the shipping route. Coal, ores, phosphate, sulphur and fertilisers, but also food, such as grains, are fed onto continuously operational conveyor belts, and transported on a cantilever by means of the ship’s open loading hatch. From there, the goods get to the ship’s cargo space either in free fall, via a downpipe, or a slide.

For the ship to be optimally filled, it has to be moved under the cantilever. Elaborate manoeuvring can, however, be avoided if the cantilever’s unloading system is movable. This is where slewing bearings made by LONGWEI  come into play.

Slewing ring bearings have unique load-bearing characteristics and are usually used in hoisting machinery, excavators, slewing tables, wind power generators, telescopes and tank turrets. Through the improvement of processing methods and the renewal of design concepts, slewing bearings can be applied to occasions with smaller dimensions, more complex structures and more precision.

  Slewing bearings are widely used engineering ships and port equipment: dredgers, sand dredgers, ship loaders, ship unloaders


The slewing bearing is also called the slewing bearing, and some people also call it: rotating bearing, slewing bearing. The English names are: slewing bearing, slewing ring bearing, turntable bearing, slewing ring. Slewing bearings are widely used in the real industry. They are called “joints of machines”. They are mechanical places that require relative rotational movement between two objects, but also need to bear axial force, radial force, and tilting moment at the same time. An important transmission component necessary. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, slewing bearings have been widely used in marine equipment, engineering machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, machinery, industrial machinery and other industries.


Slewing ring can bear axial, radial load and tilting moment load simultaneously. It can be combined with pinion, planetary gearbox and motors…
We have strict production schedule to assure the delivery time, the production schedule as below:
A. Forging purchase period: 15-20 days
B. Production process:
1. Rough turning: 2-3 days
2. Raceway heat treatment: 2 days
3. Fine turning: 2 days
4. Gear cutting: 4-5 days
5. Drilling: 2-3 days
6. Final turning: 2 days
7. Assembling and Inspection: 2 days
C. Packing and delivery to Port: 3-5 days
Totally about 40-50days
The products are widely used in engineering machinery, building machinery, metallurgical and mining machinery, shipping port machinery, environmental protection machinery, light industry machinery, petroleum chemical machinery, engineering vehicle, war industry equipment and so on.


Our advantage

Rich production experience

We specialize in the production of slewing bearings and slewing drives with 15 years of experience.


Production equipment

Precision CNC lathes and digital management systems. Our technicians will perform regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to ensure they are working properly.


High-quality raw materials

We mainly use raw materials from large steel mills, such as Tianjin Iron and Steel, Baosteel, Shagang, which are the best and largest raw material manufacturers in China.


Strict physical and chemical testing procedures

Meet product design and process requirements and provide reliable test data.


short delivery time

The general order lead time is 5-15 days. We also stock some standard size slewing rings and slewing drives, which we can ship quickly if you need them.


Safe Packing

Coat the product with anti-rust oil before shipping, wrap it with plastic sheet to protect the inner surface, and finally pack it with seaworthy packing or wooden box.


Best after-sale service

More than 60% of the products are sold to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and are deeply trusted by domestic and foreign customers.


Longwe Transmission slewing bearing team is committed to keep the spirit of continuous improvement and focus our strategy of strict quality control standards, quick response, prompt delivery and low price.We look forward to working on all of our customers’ growing demands. Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will assist you throughout the design, manufacturing and implementation process.
Products type 1.single – row four – point contact ball
2.single – row Cross roller
3.double row of different diameter ball
4.Three – row roller
5.double row ball
For Non-gear, External Gear, Internal Gear
Special services 1.slewing bearing design
2.Produce by your drawing
3.OEM service
Business type manufacturer,trading company
Advantages 1.ISO 9001:2008 certificate,12 years experience2.High qualified material,low MOQ,excellent quality,competitive prices,
professional advice
3. Standard and non standard are all acceptable
4. OEM available
5.Stronger loading capacity, Larger radial and axial force bearing ability
6.Independent R&D team
7.Strict quality control management
8.Exquisite technological standard
9.Sufficient stock
10.Excellent after sales service
Material 50Mn/42CrMo or as your requirements
Package 1.First lubricated, Second circled with plastic film,kraft paper,blue belt,then packaged inwooden case,last gathered in Wooden pallet.2 According to your requirements

Delivery time 1.For general product , our delivery time need only 5 days is enough (goods in stock).2.If you have special technical requirements or need additional processing,we first rder need only 45 ys, if that is roller continuous order, our delivery time only need 35 ys.

Application fields Mine machine, port hoisting machine, port oil transfer equipment onshore and offshorecrane,excavator,concrete machine,paper machine, plastic and rubber machine, weavemachine, steel plant, electronic power plant, wind power generator, other construction
and industry machines or equipment.

We supplied high quality product & good service to every end user and valued distributors all over the world. We’ve enjoyed a very good reputation up to now.

Our manufacturing standard is according to machinery standard JB/T2300-2011, we also has been found the efficient Quality Management Systems(QMS) of ISO 9001:2015 and GB/T19001-2008. We devote ourselves to the R &D of customized slewing bearing with high precision,special purpose and requirements and has acquired certificate of China Classification Society .

If you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

About Longwei

Provide you with customized industry solutions

longwei factory

More than ten years of production experience, strict quality control can be the guarantee of the best solution in the industry.
China’s leading supplier of slewing bearings, its products have passed ISO 9001 and CAPE certification, and has a number of product patents.

The flexibility of our dialogue and approach with our clients is combined with responsive design and development innovation to ensure exceptional delivery.


Do you have any questions about our slewing bearing? Maybe you can find the answer below. If the answer below does not solve your problem, please contact us and our engineer will answer it for you.

1. Where is your slewing bearing manufactured?
Our slewing bearings are all manufactured in China. We not only have the ability to design and produce slewing bearings but the quality can also be guaranteed. At the same time, our slewing-bearing price is more favorable.

2. I don’t know which slewing bearing to use, can you choose for me?
Yes, of course, Each model has a parameter list on the website. You can choose the suitable slewing bearing according to these parameter lists. If you don’t know how to choose, you can get in touch with us and our engineers will work with you to choose the suitable product. We can also design a new slewing bearing solution for you according to your equipment.

3. Can I get your product catalog?
You can get our product catalog in the download or contact us, we will send the product catalog to you by email or other ways.

4. Can you customize products?
Yes, we can. Our engineers have very rich experience in slewing bearing design. On the customized slewing bearing page, you can see some special customized products designed by our engineers. These design solutions meet the special needs of many customers. Our engineers can also work with you to design a new slewing bearing.

5. Can you provide accessories?
Yes, we can provide matching spare parts such as motors, hydraulic motors, and encoders that are compatible with slewing bearings.

6. Can you provide a 3D model?
Yes. All our slewing bearings have 3D models, you can contact us to get them. At the same time, we can also provide CAD files and PDF files.

7. How long is your slewing bearing warranty period?
Our slewing bearing warranty time is 12 months. When you install, use, and store the slewing bearing, please refer to the slewing bearing instruction manual.

8. Can you choose the color of your slewing bearing?
Yes. Our slewing bearing is available in many colors. If you have special requirements, please tell our sales engineers, we are happy to provide services for you.


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