As the ship’s own loading gear, deck cranes load and unload goods from cargo ships with a very high lifting capacity. Here, robust slewing bearings are in demand. They guarantee the swivel capacity of a deck crane under adverse maritime conditions: whether at irregular intervals with heavy loads or during high periods of operation when handling lighter and mid-sized loads.

  • The mobile harbor crane stands on the quay and loads or unloads cargo from the ships docked there. Port operations are characterized by high levels of time pressure. For this reason, the efficient handling of goods is of great importance. Special operational demands are made of mobile harbor cranes. They must be compact and effective. Bearings made by  LONGWEI offer the highest reliability throughout the entire service life of a crane.
Products discription
Model Number:133.45.3150Brand namelongwei
Production Experience Since 2004 Applicable Industries:Deck crane
Feature:Multi-column, ROLLERGear Options:Internal Gear
Material:Bearing Steel/Customized Seals Type:Nitrile Rubber or as requirement
Load Direction:Axial BearingCERTIFICATE:ISO9001:2008/SGS
Bore Diameter2868 mmOutside Diameter3432mm
Operating tempereature: -30°C +70°CHardness: 55-62HRC
Product Name:Internal Gear Slewing Bearing 133.45.3150 Service:OEM Service.Design Service
Net Weight : 5000kgs Rolling element:Roller Bearings & Spacer
Warranty Period 1 yearTestingIn house or third party
separatedUnseparatedSizeStandard OR Customized
Height 270 mmH.S. Code848210900
Packaging Details1.Filling with rust-proof oil
2.packing with protective layers
3.Fixed in the plywood
4.Packaging terms:Plywood case/ Pallet/Steel frame
Product Type:Three Row Roller
Plane deviation of mounting bracket P (mm)
Raceway center diameterPlane deviation of mounting bracket P (mm)
DL(mm)single row four balldouble row ballcross roller


1. n1 is the nos of lubricating holes.Oil cup M10×1JB/T7940.1~JB/T7940.2.The Oil nipple’s location can be change according to the user’s application.
2. n-φcan change to tapped hole,the diameter of tapped hole is M,depth is 2M.
3. The tangential tooth force in the form is the max tooth force,the nominal tangential tooth force is 1/2 of the max one.
4. “K” is addendum reduction coefficient.


Introduction of Longwei transmission  slewing ring bearings
Longwei transmission is a professional manufacturer in slewing ring bearings since 1993. We can also design and make other standard and non-standard ball slewing ring bearings, roller slewing bearings and precision slewing ring bearings as per customer’s different technical requirements.
Slewing ring bearing is also called slewing ring, slewing bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing. 
Slewing ring bearing is a bearing that able to bear axial load, radial load and overturning torque. Under normal circumstances, slewing ring bearings have their own mounting holes, lubricant holes and seal holes, to meet the different needs of the various host working under the various conditions; 
On the other hand, slewing ring bearing itself has characteristics of compact structure, guide rotating convenient, easy to install and maintaining easily. 
2. Structure
2.1 Slewing ring bearings have different types as per different structures, here below is what we offering now: 
Single row ball slewing ring bearings 
Double row ball slewing ring bearings
Crossed roller slewing ring bearings 
Triple row roller slewing ring bearings 
Flange slewing ring bearings
2.2 The above slewing ring bearings can also be divided into three different types as per different transmissions:
Slewing ring bearings with no gear
Slewing ring bearings with external gear
Slewing ring bearings with internal gear

products workshop

slewing ring main forms are external and internal type, the large and small gears mesh poorly, sometimes tight, sometimes loose, in the slewing ring tooth run out maximum position meshing too tight produce noise. So the manufacturing process is critical. Slewing bearing just left the factory in idling will issue a steel ball rolling uniform sound, which is normal. Such as in the uniform normal ringing accompanied by another abnormally large ringing is abnormal. There are many reasons for the failure.


About Longwei

Provide you with customized industry solutions

longwei factory

More than ten years of production experience, strict quality control can be the guarantee of the best solution in the industry.
China’s leading supplier of slewing bearings, its products have passed ISO 9001 and CAPE certification, and has a number of product patents.

The flexibility of our dialogue and approach with our clients is combined with responsive design and development innovation to ensure exceptional delivery.


Do you have any questions about our slewing bearing? Maybe you can find the answer below. If the answer below does not solve your problem, please contact us and our engineer will answer it for you.

1. Where is your slewing bearing manufactured?
Our slewing bearings are all manufactured in China. We not only have the ability to design and produce slewing bearings but the quality can also be guaranteed. At the same time, our slewing-bearing price is more favorable.

2. I don’t know which slewing bearing to use, can you choose for me?
Yes, of course, Each model has a parameter list on the website. You can choose the suitable slewing bearing according to these parameter lists. If you don’t know how to choose, you can get in touch with us and our engineers will work with you to choose the suitable product. We can also design a new slewing bearing solution for you according to your equipment.

3. Can I get your product catalog?
You can get our product catalog in the download or contact us, we will send the product catalog to you by email or other ways.

4. Can you customize products?
Yes, we can. Our engineers have very rich experience in slewing bearing design. On the customized slewing bearing page, you can see some special customized products designed by our engineers. These design solutions meet the special needs of many customers. Our engineers can also work with you to design a new slewing bearing.

5. Can you provide accessories?
Yes, we can provide matching spare parts such as motors, hydraulic motors, and encoders that are compatible with slewing bearings.

6. Can you provide a 3D model?
Yes. All our slewing bearings have 3D models, you can contact us to get them. At the same time, we can also provide CAD files and PDF files.

7. How long is your slewing bearing warranty period?
Our slewing bearing warranty time is 12 months. When you install, use, and store the slewing bearing, please refer to the slewing bearing instruction manual.

8. Can you choose the color of your slewing bearing?
Yes. Our slewing bearing is available in many colors. If you have special requirements, please tell our sales engineers, we are happy to provide services for you.


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