110.32.1250 single cross row slewing-bearing without gear -for-long-screw-engineering drill Rig

With the rapid development of hydraulic transmission technology and the wide use of low speed and high torque motor in recent years, it is possible to use slewing bearing on the power turntable of large diameter drilling machine.

Slewing bearing is a kind of device used to support the platform of main engine slewing and to complete the space slewing operation. According to its structural, it can be divided into column type and rotary plate type. The rotary type also can be divided into supporting roller and rolling bearing type.

As a device for transferring power and driving drill pipe, the rotary table mainly adopts bevel gear transmission, which has complex structure and high manufacturing cost. In order to meet the construction needs of low speed, human torque and large diameter, as well as the design requirements of bearing alternating loads under various complex conditions, large special rotary bearing with large diameter should be selected to increase the reduction ratio of rotary transmission device. If according to the conventional mode design, is bound to cause the turntable structure more complex, huge volume, weight increase, cost is expensive, increase the gear, box processing, and bearing manufacturing workload, but also make the turntable installation and demolition difficulty, is not conducive to the development of the series of turntable. Large caliber drill as a large machinery, there are also many risks in operation, such as the new drill or stop drilling for a long time,drilling rig should open 2 speed operation at least 20 min, When the drill is not used for a long time, each exposed part should be coated with lubricating grease to prevent rust and so on.
Products discription
Model Number:110.32.1250Brand namelongwei
Production Experience Since 2004 Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops,Military,
Feature:Single Row Crossed RollerGear Options:without Gear
Material:50Mn/42CrMo/Customized Seals Type:NBR or as requirement
Bore Diameter1110 mmOutside Diameter1390mm
Operating tempereature: -30°C +70°CHardness: 207-262HB
Product Name:High Precision Single Row Crossed Roller without Gear Slewing RingService:OEM Service.Design Service
Net Weight : 350 Rolling element:Roller & Spacer
Warranty Period 1 yearTestingIn house or third party
Key WordHigh Precision Small Diameter Slewing BearingSizeStandard OR Customized
Height 91mmH.S. Code848210900
Packaging Details1.Filling with rust-proof oil
2.packing with protective layers
3.Fixed in the plywood
4.Packaging terms:Plywood case/ Pallet/Steel frame
Product Type: Single Row Crossed Roller

Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing ( 11 series )

The Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing  is composed of two seat-rings. It features compact in design, light in weight,high precision and small fitting clearance.
As the rollers are 1:1cross arranged,it is suitable for high precision mounting and capable to bear axial force,resultant moment and considerable large radial force.

Naming of slewing bearing
0  1   2 .  40. 1000
|    |    |      |       | 
|    |    |      |       | 
|    |    |      |       |_ _ _ _ mm diameter of rolling center
|    |    |      | 
|    |    |      |_ _ _ _ __ _  mm diameter of rolling element     
|    |    |      
|    |    |   
|    |    |_ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ Driving type code
|    |                               0--No gears      
|    |                               1--External gear with small module  
|    |                               2--External gear with big module  
|    |                               3--Internal gear with small module 
|    |                               4--Internal gear with big module  
|    |       
  1. If you are a customer buying standard products, please consult customer service for detailed drawings
  2. .If you need customized products, please send the drawing to me in time, and I will make the quotation and production time for you.
  3. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other requirements. I will reply to you in time.    

Our Services & Strength

1.Raw material from reliable suppliers; 
2.Production process is in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System . 
3.Strict in-process quality control and 100% finished product inspection before delivery; 
4.Third party product inspections are acceptable upon customer request. 
5.Adoption of standardized product design process and APQP, PPAP, FEMA for application analysis.

  1. Manufacturer of producing bearing for about twenty years.
    7. Advanced mechanical equipment and strict quality control team.
    8. Efficient production speed and on-time delivery service.
    9. Accept standard and non-standard production.
IMPACT reverse circulation drilling rig
drawing of 111.20.355

About Longwei

Provide you with customized industry solutions

longwei factory

More than ten years of production experience, strict quality control can be the guarantee of the best solution in the industry.
China’s leading supplier of slewing bearings, its products have passed ISO 9001 and CAPE certification, and has a number of product patents.

The flexibility of our dialogue and approach with our clients is combined with responsive design and development innovation to ensure exceptional delivery.


Do you have any questions about our slewing bearing? Maybe you can find the answer below. If the answer below does not solve your problem, please contact us and our engineer will answer it for you.

1. Where is your slewing bearing manufactured?
Our slewing bearings are all manufactured in China. We not only have the ability to design and produce slewing bearings but the quality can also be guaranteed. At the same time, our slewing-bearing price is more favorable.

2. I don’t know which slewing bearing to use, can you choose for me?
Yes, of course, Each model has a parameter list on the website. You can choose the suitable slewing bearing according to these parameter lists. If you don’t know how to choose, you can get in touch with us and our engineers will work with you to choose the suitable product. We can also design a new slewing bearing solution for you according to your equipment.

3. Can I get your product catalog?
You can get our product catalog in the download or contact us, we will send the product catalog to you by email or other ways.

4. Can you customize products?
Yes, we can. Our engineers have very rich experience in slewing bearing design. On the customized slewing bearing page, you can see some special customized products designed by our engineers. These design solutions meet the special needs of many customers. Our engineers can also work with you to design a new slewing bearing.

5. Can you provide accessories?
Yes, we can provide matching spare parts such as motors, hydraulic motors, and encoders that are compatible with slewing bearings.

6. Can you provide a 3D model?
Yes. All our slewing bearings have 3D models, you can contact us to get them. At the same time, we can also provide CAD files and PDF files.

7. How long is your slewing bearing warranty period?
Our slewing bearing warranty time is 12 months. When you install, use, and store the slewing bearing, please refer to the slewing bearing instruction manual.

8. Can you choose the color of your slewing bearing?
Yes. Our slewing bearing is available in many colors. If you have special requirements, please tell our sales engineers, we are happy to provide services for you.


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