011.14.306 Single row ball external gear Slewing Bearing For Grain Elevator

Grain loading machine is a kind of dock mechanical equipment for Loading bulk grain.

When the ordinary pneumatic conveying grain suction machine reaches a large loading capacity of 300t/h, it will produce aseries of problems such as fast output decline, reduced efficiency, more       broken grain and fast device wear and failure. The single row outer tooth slewing bearing is used as the rotating bearing and torsion equipmentat the bottom of the grain loading machine, which can bear a lot of load force and make the machine run stable.  

Characteriestic of structure, performance and application

The single row four point contact ball slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings, which design in compact structure and light weight, steel ball contact with the circular raceway at four point, it can bear the axial force, radial force and the tlting moment at the same time.


It can be used for slewing conveyer, welding manipulator, light & medium duty crane, excavator, and other construction machinery.


Product series

1. Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearings.

2. Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearings

3. Double Row Ball Slewing Bearings

4. Three Row Roller Slewing Bearings

5. Thin Section Slewing bearings (Light type).

6. Thin Section Slewing Bearings (Flange type)

Outside Diameter

300 – 5000 mm

Bore Size

120 – 4272 mm

Gear Options

External gear

Internal gear

Without gear

Brand Name


Raw material

50Mn, 42CrMo

Rolling element

Ball or roller

Place of Origin

Xuzhou, Jiangsu , China


ISO9001:2008, SGS,BV


1 year

Delivery Time:


Payment Terms:

L/C at sight ,T/T



Packaging Details:

1:Filling with rust-proof oil 
2:Packing with protective layers 
3:Fixed in wooden box

Please feel free to send your inquiry to us by email or phone. We will contact with you as soon as possible.



 FAQ :  

1   LW Slewing Bearing Heat Treatment

Heat Gear Slewing Bearings are in the majority of cases supplied with spur tooth. Stub teeth also is ok.There are two kinds of tooth hardening. They are normalizing and tempering, According to the different applications, there are two ways of quenching. They’re whole tooth quenching and single-tooth quenching. Single-tooth quenching can be divided into tooth surface & root quenching and tooth surface quenching.

2 . The Calculation of Slewing Bearing.

Static load capacity

The determined loads must be multiplied with a factor fstat allocated to the application. The product Fa’ or Mk’ must be below the static critical load curve of the selected bearing.

With regard to radial loads in load combinations

Fa = axial load
Fr = radial load
Mr = tilting moment

3 Protection Against Corrosion

We make  Protection Against Corrosion on surface of bearing,and make couple of packing paper.


Yes,we have professional technical terms.

General 1 year

  1. Reliable reputation.


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